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Meet and Greet
Available every single day of the year, our friendly Meet & Greet service is the perfect solution for a stress free arrival in Japan.
We have dedicated offices in the following 6 main airports (Narita, Haneda, Nagoya Chubu, Kansai International, Osaka Itami, Fukuoka) and can adapt to sudden change of schedule or circumstances. Your assistant will monitor your flight status then wait for you in the arrival hall, holding a sign board with your name on. After welcoming you, your assistant can help you deal with various procedures such as handing over documents, buy train or bus tickets, exchange the Japan Rail Pass voucher for the actual pass, exchange currencies, buy a SIM card or rent a mobile phone. (Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other request).
You will finally be escorted to the boarding point of your chosen mode of transportation (Limousine Bus, train, taxi) into town. After sending you off and if requested, we can inform awaiting party of your arrival time, train car and seat number.

Please note that we cannot provide services in the “airside” section of the airport.
Our airport staff will be waiting in the arrival lobby, after luggage retrieval and custom inspection.



Meet and Greet

Our Meet&Greet services are available at main train stations in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Fukuoka.
Due to their sheer size and sometimes confusing layout, train stations in Japan can be very difficult to navigate, particularly in big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. It is easy to get lost if one does not know its way around.
Whether you require a Meet&Greet or only assistance to change trains or even stations, we can definitely provide the service for a smooth and stress free journey eliminating the language barrier.
Forward us in advance all the necessary details about your train schedule, we will take care or the rest.

For example:
In case of Meet&Greet, you will be met upon arrival by your assistant on the platform, then escorted to your chosen mode of transportation boarding point (bus/taxi/limousine). If you booked an escort plan with us too, you will be accompanied all the way to your final destination (hotel, meeting venue, convention center amongst others).
These services are also available at stations other than mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us regarding any request you may have.



Meet & Greet

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