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The battery powered Travel Earphone is a compact, versatile one or two ways portable digital communication device, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Using this device, a group of people can simultaneously listen to a guide’s commentary while sightseeing. Booking can easily be done online.

Signal transmission to all connected devices is very clear and instantaneous. It allows the speaker to comment in a quiet, normal manner, indispensable during visits of museums, art galleries or temples where voice cannot be raised. The Travel Earphone is also ideal for communication or simultaneous interpretation during field trips, factory tours, international meetings, trade fairs or orientation sessions. It can be used during hiking and other outdoor activities as well.

The device is small (transmitter 117x55x23mm; receiver 100x54x15mm), light (about 63 g for the receiver, 101 g for the transmitter, including batteries), transmission range is about 100 meters in unobstructed surroundings. Setting up is very easy and straightforward; switch on the device, choose a channel then adjust the volume level.
Autonomy is about 16 hours for the transmitter and 20 hours for the receiver, depending on usage conditions. The device is energy efficient; consumption is low and it automatically switches off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

The Travel Earphone is the indispensable item that will contribute to make your trip much more enjoyable.

*Specifications subject to change without prior notice*

The Travel Earphone is useful in the following situations:

SituationsLocations:Recommended during:Advantage of the system:
In quiet surroundings where voice cannot be raisedArt museum, Museum, temple, outdoorOrdinary sightseeing,Pilgrimage, Bird watching, hiking, trekkingComment or give explanations in a stress free way without having to raise your voice and disturb the surroundings.
Large group tour divided in smaller groupsMoving around by busSchool excursion, field trip, incentive tourAvoid confusion by assigning one channel per group. Also effective when giving directions to the staff.
Information needs to be delivered simultaneously in several languagesInspection tour. International meeting. trade fairsIndustry inspection. training or induction tour, international meetings and fairsSaves time when simultaneous translation need arise.
In very noisy surroundingsFactory inspection, noisy tourist spotsFactory visit, crowded and noisy tourist spotsVisits in noisy surroundings are now possible, even in tourist spots where megaphones are used.
During a boat cruisePort of call visit, On-board briefingCruiseGiving instructions to large group of people is now easy.
Member of the group is late or at the wrong meeting spotSightseeing area, rest area, shopping mallAll types of tourClose to assembling time, it is now easy to contact and eventually give directions to members of the group.

Technical Specifications:

Transmission typeDigital signal
Radio wave modeF1D (GFSK system)
Transmission speed50Kbps
Transmission systemOne way system
Transmission frequencies806∼809MHz
Oscillation systemPLL synthesizer system
Channel16ch (Digital)
BatteryTransmitter: type 3 alkaline battery (x2) Receiver: type 4 alkaline battery (x2)
Autonomy (*1)Transmitter: abt 16hours Receiver: abt 20 hours
Transmission range in unobstructed conditions: (*2)Abt 100m
Transmission outputArea specific
Dark currentLess than 1uA (off mode)
Current consumption (transmission)Transmitter: less than 200mA Receiver: less than 100mA
Current consumption (reception)Less than 70mA
Output voltage rated value3.0V ±10%
Minimum operating voltage1.15×2(V)
Operating temperature range-5∼+55°C
Storage temperature range-20∼+75°C
External dimensionsTransmitter 117x55x23(16)mm Receiver: 100x54x15mm
Gross WeightTransmitter:101g (batteries included) Receiver: 63g (batteries included)
Country of manufactureJapan
• (*1)Autonomy data is for reference only and may be less than stated depending on weather and usage conditions
• (*2)The transmission range is for reference only and can be less than stated depending on weather, surroundings, eventual obstacles and electro-magnetic interferences
• Usage or storage of the Travel Earphone in areas listed below may damage the devices or greatly hamper their operation, please pay attention not to use or store the Travel Earphone in such areas
1.Corrosive gas storage area
2.Area prone to extreme temperature variations
3.High humidity level area
4.Area prone to electrostatic discharge

Travel Earphone

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